ALERT! Hackers made the biggest online robbery: 100 banks in 30 countries

It may be one of the biggest bank robberies to date. Hackers managed to raise hundreds of millions of dollars from more than 100 banks in 30 countries. According to a forthcoming Kaspersky Lab report, this could be "the most complex attack the world has ever seen."hackers cash

Kaspersky Lab's analysis, which will be published on Monday, is published in part by the New York Times. The cyber security company was asked to investigate a cash theft from ATMs in Ukraine a year ago. But according to The Times, ATMs were just the beginning:

"On the bank's internal computers, used by its employees, which process daily transactions, they had installed malware that allowed cybercriminals to record their every move. "The malware that waited for months, sending back video feeds and images that provided information to the criminal group - about how the Bank was operating," according to investigators.

Once they had the necessary information, the hackers were able to imitate the Bank's employees, transferring money freely from US, Russian, Japanese and Swiss banks (among others) to various international accounts. According to the report, the scale of the attack could make it "one of the largest bank robberies ever committed."

And while cyber criminals have been able to collect at least 300.000.000 dollars globally, Kaspersky Lab believes the total could be almost three times larger than that.

So far, no names have been reported from the affected banks, but the majority of them are apparently from Russia, Japan and the US. Hackers appear to be spinning around 10 million dollars a year and as the security company probably says hack is still in progress.

And according to Kaspersky's report, it all started in the same way that every major hack breaks into an e-mail.

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