Hackers target the Covid-19 vaccine distribution chain

IBM X-Force warns of hackers targeting organisms linked to vaccine storage chain COVID-19, in a major spear-phishing campaign launched in September 2020.

The organizations responsible for the storage and delivery of vaccines Covid-19 at the right temperature, they have become a target for hackers. Coronavirus vaccines should be stored, until administered to humans, at extremely low temperatures. To be safe they should be stored at minus 70 degrees Celsius for what Pfizer did and minus 20 degrees Celsius for what was developed by Moderna. That is why these organisms are also referred to as cold chain organisms.

In an IBM X-Force report, published today, Claire Zaboeva, an analyst, said: “Phear-phishing emails were sent to selected executives at sales, procurement, information technology and finance positions, but also to the entire supply chain organizations ”

This e-fishing campaign has focused on attacks on global organizations based around the world, ranging from Germany, Italy, South Korea and the Czech Republic to wider Europe and Taiwan.

The hackers' ultimate goal seems to be to collect credentials, which will later be used for further compromises and gathering information on vaccine distribution. COVID-19.

Η DHS-CISA also issued a warning, in coordination with the IBM X-Force report, alerting organizations involved in the storage and transport of vaccines COVID-19, watch their defense.

In their e-mails, the attackers impersonate a company executive from Haier Biomedical, a Chinese company known as "the only complete cold chain organization in the world" and as a specialist supplier for the CEOCineC chain chain optimization platform program (CEO). Alliance.

No wonder these supply chains are being targeted by hackers. With the whole world dealing with the coronavirus the hackers have smelled money. Last month, the large cold storage organization Americold was hit by a cyber attack and forced to shut down its computer systems.

Although Americold has not been publicly confirmed as an organization involved in its refrigeration supply chain COVID-19, the Air Cargo World news website he mentioned that Chicago Rockford Airport wants to partner with Americold on vaccine storage COVID-19 before distribution.

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