Handsfree in the washing machine

Maybe one to clean in washing machine? It seems it can.

clean washing machine

Today I accidentally washed the bluetooth handsfree I have in the washing machine. It is not difficult to do, since my handsfree is a lapel and went into the washing machine along with the blouse.

When I found out I started crying. I let it dry and started looking online for a new one (prices, stores, etc.). But it only took 3 hours for it to dry inside and when I plugged it into the USB for fun it magically started to , wanting to prove to me that the words of the article apply: Water and electronic devices.

Now I have it fully charged, I tried it and it works fine and above all it is spotless !!

But I do not recommend that you do the same! Only make sure to give your machine one last chance in case of a mistake.

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Written by Dimitris

Dimitris hates on Mondays .....

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