Haven turn an old Android into a security camera

Haven: If you have an old phone in good condition, you can easily use it by turning it into a security camera.

With the help of an application by Edward Snowden, it is extremely simple. See how.


Your phone already has the data of a "real" security camera, ie a flashlight and an Internet connection. You could have done something similar to an Android phone for years, but there is a newer way that is even more secure.

We will use an application called Haven, and it was created by Edward Snowden. You can use the application on almost any Android phone or tablet. If your device has a camera and microphone, you can use it as a security camera.

You can install Haven beta from Google Play Store  or compile it yourself from the Github repository .

Haven will work whether your phone is connected to Wi-Fi or a USB-to-Ethernet adapter. If you want wired internet access, be sure to get an adapter. The Haven app itself only works on Android devices, but you can set it to alert you on your iPhone.

Set up Haven on your old phone

Before setting up the Haven app, make sure you have the perfect location in your home to plug in your phone, have power, and use an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection. Once the above is resolved, open the Haven application. Drag the first two screens, then select "Configuration".

Click "Allow" in the permissions prompts for access to photos, media and files, and for taking photos and recording videos.

Click "Allow" in the next prompt to authorize photo and video recording.

The next screen will be for the live streaming of the camera. Tap the bottom left icon to toggle between the front and rear cameras and use the slider at the bottom of the screen to set how sensitive you want motion detection to be.

You can always increase or decrease the sensitivity of movement to better suit your environment. Click "Back" on the top left to see more options.

Then accept the audio license prompt so you can have audio from the party you are watching.

Again, use the slider at the bottom of the screen to adjust the detection sensitivity. Press the "Back" button again on the top left.

Then use the slider at the bottom to adjust the motion detection. This will allow your camera to start recording if something moves in the area you are watching. Press the "Back" button on the upper left once more.

Drag the remaining screens. Grant permission to send and view SMS messages if you want to receive SMS notifications on your main phone, then enter your phone number. You will need to have an active SIM card installed to send SMS messages.

Drag another screen and click "Finish".

Once done, click "Start Now" to start monitoring your environment. Tap the settings gear at the bottom right to adjust camera, sound and motion sensitivity, change SMS settings and more.

Set up Haven video watching

Motion and audio detection is great, but Haven also lets you record videos for a set period of time. Tap the settings gear in the lower right corner of the main screen and turn on the "Watch Video" toggle.

Click "Set Video Watch Duration" to select how long it will record the space you are watching.

So you will have a cheap and reliable security camera! Everything that happens with photos and sound, will be sent to you automatically via SMS or via Signal.


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