Hawaii forbids SMS in the middle of the road

The Honolulu City Council in Hawaii passed a bill this week making it illegal for pedestrians to use their phones while crossing the street. Anyone caught driving will be fined up to $99.


The city councilor, who introduced the bill, said he got the idea from teenagers who worry about their friends (!!).

Σχολικές ομάδες εξέφρασαν την ανησυχία για τους συμμαθητές τους που αποσπάται η τους διασχίζοντας τους δρόμους και κοιτάζοντας τα τηλέφωνά τους, αντί να κοιτάνε τον δρόμο και από τις δύο μεριές. Η πρόοδος της it can sometimes be distracting and cause people not to pay attention.

The Bill passed with 7-2 votes. A political opponent, he wisely pointed out that coping with children on their own terms would be more effective:

Teenagers are more affected than their peers. A campaign in media could probably be more expansive than any legislation we pass.

The bill will have to be signed by the mayor in order for it to come into force.

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