HawkScan: Security tool for gathering information on a website

HawkScan is a security tool for identifying and gathering information on a website.

This script uses " WafW00f to detect the WAF as a first step, the " Sublist3r”For subdomain scanning and” waybacktool”To check the waybackmachine.


  • Remove URLs and locate files
  • Checks the header information
  • Checks DNS information
  • Exports files
  • Keep a trace of the scan
  • Check @mail on the site and see if it has been leaked
  • CMS detection
  • Subdomain control
  • Backup system
  • WAF detection
  • Automatic program update
  • Automatic or manual scan output (scan.txt)
  • Scan with authentication cookie
  • HTML reference
  • Waybackmachine control
  • Checks if the DataBase firebase exists and is accessible
  • Search S3 on the source code page
  • Waf bypass check if detected


git clone https://github.com/c0dejump/HawkScan.git cd HawkScan pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Application snapshots and use


You will find information about using the program here.

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