Hackers hit the government of Taiwan with Word's vulnerability

A team hackers have managed to exploit a vulnerability in Microsoft Word and to attack the government and educational institutions in Taiwan.

Microsoft recently issued a security bulletin for a serious vulnerability in Word software and soon released a "fix-it" patch to protect its customers. However, as with most updates, many did not update their software and systems and thus were vulnerable to hacker attacks.

This also happened in Taiwan where hackers carried out attacks against the Taiwanese government and the "Taidoor" educational institutions.
The Hackers managed to exploit the vulnerability of Microsoft Word, but it was not aware of the systems they hit. The hackers sent emails with malicious attachments and catchy titles such as national polls, thus tricking the workers who opened the content. So they were able to steal sensitive government data.

This attack is once again reminding the importance of software and operating software updates.

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