Alice: the first virtual consultant for female entrepreneurs

On 9 May 2017 under Dell EMC World, the Circular Board unveiled Alice, the first artificial intelligence platform for female entrepreneurs. It has been developed in partnership with Dell and Pivotal and has the mission to help significantly more women founders to achieve their goals.Alice

Businesses owned by women employ 7,8 millions of US workers and generate revenues of $ 1,3 trillions overall, but once 2% of female entrepreneurs in the US have exceeded $ 1 million in revenue. Alice and her colleagues will help raise this statistical data to 98%.

"Alice is the best mentor, guide and counselor of a founding woman. The existing startups eco-system continues to recycle resources among a very small proportion of well-connected entrepreneurs, making it difficult for other founders to grow, "said Carolyn Rodz, founder and CEO of the Circular Board.

"Alice directly filters millions of resources and exports personalized and certified content that allows founders to reach the higher scale, no matter where they are or who they know."

Meet her Alice:

Alice-led data analytics is a virtual assistant that connects real-time female entrepreneurs with the resources they need to scale their businesses and rely on their environment, location, industry, revenue and special needs .

As Alice collects information, her machine learning allows her to anticipate the needs of the founder and guide relevant information, events, mentors and access points to capital and business ecosystems.

Alice offers the following:

  • A dialectical environment for the expression of different areas where women entrepreneurs need help (eg, economics, law, marketing, technology)
  • Static and mechanical learning based on the needs of the user
  • Personalized control panel with real-time modules, based on user activity
  • User profile with data collection capability for personal and corporate demographics
  • An extensive library of resources, networks of international experts and a calendar of events
  • Strong search pages with saved results and filters by location, industry, annual revenue, number of employees, years of business activity, and content publishing sources
  • Bulk or unit sending of resources and mentors from Circular Board team trusted partners or specialists for easy content grading and analytics-based suggestions


Alice is available internationally.

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