The HERE Maps application became HERE WeGo

HERE WeGo: The world of transport definitely changes with the new technologies that help to find faster and shorter routes. Urban mobility with map services within each user's smartphone (see Google Maps or HERE Maps) has become a game even in cities you have never been before.

HERE Maps with a major update has acquired some new features, but the real innovation is that the application has been renamed Here WeGo. The motivation for this move is that the HERE Maps name was a bit too general and similar to other smaller applications, according to the wego

In addition, the company found that only a few regular users were opening the application to see a route, and they usually did it to find the fastest way to reach their destination.

So the main use of the app is to find the fastest route to reach your destination and the company thought the event should be portrayed in the application name.

Of course we should mention that a good reason for renaming the application (although not mentioned by the company) is also the search for new users of the service. A service that Google is currently leading Google with the Google Maps app which was recently upgraded and became much more distinct.

To see if they will do so with a simple name change and a few changes in functionality.

Watch the video presentation of the new brand name HERE WeGo:


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