Hewlett Packard warns of an error that destroys SSDs after 40.000 hours

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) warns its customers that some of its SSDs will fail after 40.000 hours of operation unless you install a critical patch.


The current issue concerns SSDs on Hewlett Packard servers and storage products such as HPE ProLiant, Synergy, Apollo 4200, Synergy Storage Modules, D3000 Storage Enclosure, StoreEasy 1000 Storage.

The company had made a similar announcement in November 2019, when the firmware defect caused a failure after 32.768 operating hours. In its new announcement reports that the affected ssd drives are running a firmware version older than HPD7, and will fail after activating at 40.000 hours. This translates to about 4,5 years and is about half a year earlier than the extended warranty available for the product.

Be careful because when 40.000 hours have elapsed, neither the data nor the drive can be recovered. Preventing such a catastrophe can only be overcome by backing up data.

Hewlett Packard has been notified of a firmware error by an SSD manufacturer and warns that if SSDs are installed and running at the same time they are likely to fail almost simultaneously. The new firmware can be installed using an online flash component for VMware ESXi , Windows and Linux.

Hewlett Packard estimates that unpatched SSDs will start failing by October 2020. This gives administrators plenty of time to apply the patched firmware.

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