Hoax: bypass the Facebook "algorithm"

If you see a Facebook post that says "tips for bypassing FB", do not pay attention, hoax is going to pass.

No, Facebook did not create a new algorithm that "selects a few people (about 25) who can read your posts", at least not from what we have heard.

The last time we heard this was another hoax circulating in February last year, and he mentioned it Snopes. This hoax reported that a new Facebook algorithm allowed your posts to appear only to your 26 friends.

The new prank released on Facebook says:


Free translation:

Thanks for the FB bypass tips - FUN! I see all the news feed again. I see posts from people I have not seen for years.
How to make a bypass on the FB system that displays fewer posts in the news feed.
Their new algorithm selects few friends - around 25 - who can read the posts. So, tap your finger anywhere in this post and "copy." Click "copy". Go to your page and make a new post. Press your finger anywhere in the publishing area and click on "Paste." This will bypass the system. Hi new and old friends!

Naturally, the above method will have no effect except we will see it appearing very often in the news feed, since every beginner can believe that Facebook has created such an algorithm and that he can cheat him with just one post.

If you see the above post, the best you can do is skip it, and maybe warn your friends before it starts spreading.




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