Hoax: iPhone with iOS 8 charge with microwave

Apple released the new iOS 8 for mobile devices such as iPhone, and it seems that some people have thought of exploiting it. Almost immediately after the release of the new functional, the first malicious pranks appeared.
This is common, of course, as in 2013, there were similar pranks that said that "iOS 7 makes your iPhone waterproof."
iOS 8 wave
Well, in 2014, it seems that the pranks escalated to a completely different level. A fake image circulating advertises the hidden "Wave" technology that is embedded by Apple in the new functional.
Prank reports that the users iPhone who upgraded their device to the new iOS 8 operating system can charge them if they put them in a microwave. Obviously, you should not try this.

The fake image claims that users should place their phone in a microwave oven for a minus minute for a full charge. This is possible because the radio-baseband of the device can synchronize with the frequency of microwaves.

Advertising may seem genuine because it carries the company's copyright symbol at the bottom and mimics the fonts used by Apple. But be careful not.

Do not bake your device.

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