Video: what does the Holographic Display of Windows 10 do?

Microsoft announced yesterday and officially its new features Windows 10. The company, along with the new functional one, brings the Cortana digital assistant, direct collaboration with Xbox, a completely new browser that is not Internet Explorer, and holograms. windows 10 all
Also announced the very happy news that Windows 10 will come as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users.

But what is the Holographic Display that brings the new functional?

Microsoft has created an augmented reality feature that comes with an additional device and an API that has been integrated directly into the Windows 10 operating system for all platforms. So you can play Minecraft on your kitchen table, or walk on Mars, or even chat on Skype with someone using the device.

The "holographic" virtual reality comes to the environment of your home for dynamic play and much more. Just imagine being able to play an Xbox game with the virtual reality characters standing next to you.

Naturally, the uses of the new feature do not stop in gaming. Designers, or architects, will be able to create augmented reality items and then send them to an 3D printer. The possibilities are almost endless.hologram

Watch the video

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