Honda Riding Assist for motorcycles that balance on their own

Honda Riding Assist: Children's bicycles are usually accompanied by two extra wheels that remain there until the children learn balance. Growing up we realize that all two wheels are better balanced at higher speeds. Try to ride slowly and you will see that balancing is much more difficult unless your bike is equipped with Honda's new Riding Assist technology.

Its new self-balancing technology Honda was applied to a motorcycle called UNI-CUB. The company's Riding Assist technology does not use traditional gyroscopes to balance, as they add extra weight to the vehicle.

Instead, when the Honda's experimental motorcycle has a system that helps it move at less than three miles an hour, and what really helps to improve the support is the front fork angle.

At the same time, the fine left and right steering settings in the steering are automatically done with the front wheel to ensure that the bike always maintains the balance - with or without a rider.

At the moment we do not know when Honda will apply the new Riding Assist technology to its motorcycle, or if it ever applies it.

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