Hong Kong: Two million dollars fell on the road from a financial post

Canisters containing nearly $ 2 million in banknotes fell into Hong Kong today from an armored remittance vehicle, the door of which was accidentally opened, causing a road frenzy with passers-by and car drivers rushing to take advantage of it.hong kong

Traffic was paralyzed on Gloucester Street in central Hong Kong as taxi drivers got out of their vehicles to pick up some of the hundreds of banknotes scattered on this busy street.

In pictures that TV shows, passers-by are portrayed with greed and become one with the crowd already gathered on the Christmas Eve.

Police officers, some armed, with helmets and bulletproof vests, grew to the point to block the area.

In total, more than 15,23 million dollars Hong Kong (1,96 million dollars) scattered on the street and on the sidewalk, according to the police.


It is, however, impossible to calculate the amount the police managed to collect and what the passers-by and drivers of the passing vehicles collected.

"Every citizen who finds these banknotes has to deliver them to the police as soon as possible, otherwise they will be theft," the police warned in a press release.

According to police director Wan Siu-chung, the van driver completed his 30 minute journey without realizing that the rear door of the vehicle was open and that boxes containing money were falling on the road.

Only when the vehicle reached its destination "discovered that the door had been opened," Wan said in the press. He explained that the police have launched an investigation based on the serial numbers of the banknotes.

According to experts interviewed by the media, if someone keeps the notes, this act is considered theft and imprisons up to 10 years.

Source: RES-EAP
Huffington Post

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