Hostgator personal experience that you should avoid

At some point at the beginning of the month, I needed a cheap environment Cloud Hosting, and I decided to get it from Hostgator. Hostgator

Really after a few searches in the company plans I chose the Cloud Business plan which cost $ 266.41 USD for one year + one domain by large Hostgator.
The acquisition process went smoothly, and immediately after clicking on pay I received a message that contained the login information in my new account.

So far so good and the service was lightning fast…. For the record but also because we'll need it below I got the more expensive one of the company on July 4, 2018.

The problems started after I signed in to the new account. I found the advertised super duper service Hostgator's was incredibly lagging, although I chose the highest specs to avoid it. Ok I said, I knew it was a risk with these companies and choosing a cheap package. I will ask for a refund I said…

Hostgator Return Capital

How many emails and how many days did I take to get my money back? Not to write a lot and because an image is worth as many 1000 words as I quote a screenshoot from the email account I was contacting with the company.

Yes there are around 30 messages. As for the return time, it appears in the same picture: Our communication began immediately after purchasing the package on July 4 and stopped at 10 July, six days later.

After 6 days and 30 messages, the refund was successfully completed. The funny thing was that while I had received the domain together with the package on the 4th of July, the process s was completed on July 5th, while I was informed that I can use the domain on July 6th. The above fact (for those who know) shows too much about the company. Imagine having a demanding customer who wanted to see his online domain in a few hours.

These from me. Beware of cheap internet….

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  1. You did not know, you did not ask I could tell you… However my own adventure in 2006 was much worse. I paid with a friend's credit for an online package. The payment for some reason struck not once but twice. The bank was the National well-known parking lot for people who became WWW without being WWW. I was trying to find the tip and they thought they could run me for no reason. Then I paid with WU at ELTA. My hand would be cut off. The payment reached the site went up but immediately went down with various irrelevant non-payment. What email did I send what phones did I get what chat did I do anything. Payment had been made but the company made the cut in my messages. Eventually I complained to the BBB. The person in charge accused me of being a scammer, claiming that I had paid with a stolen card. BBB asked me for proof of payment. I asked for it in writing (yes I have jokes and I write letters everywhere to establish my good faith). The ELTA wrote to me in their papers. What phones or letters did I have to make a formal complaint to be accepted after 2 (four) months to send me the copy of payment. I sent it to the BBB and told them that they are lucky in the company that I am not a resident of America because for the slander and only I could get their underpants. The person in charge said "sorry after you have it means you have paid" and asked me if I wanted a special program. I replied that even if I wanted to, I could never work with people who not only did not respond in the course of their work (for which they are paid by the client) but also had the audacity to slander me in a just request. Since then I did not deal with them again and once when they sent me a commercial email I made a complaint where I could spam. In general, my experience of hosting in America with a budget of ~ $ 4 is not worth it. They are all the same, with unrelated staff and various technical problems. But the amount you mention is serious and you can definitely find good companies for this money.

      • Let me not like it. The company houses many funny Greek site owners who spam with purchased lists from stolen emails. Often the company covers (?) Various dirt with the excuse of personal data etc. Of course, this is also the fault of the internet providers, the (God forbid) personal data protection authority and the prosecution of cybercrime, but also the education of the users.

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