YouTube Hotkeys that you need to know

Most of us use the popular YouTube video hosting site on a regular basis. But they do not all know the convenience of the shortcuts provided by the service. Youtube

Using hotkeys, you can use it YouTube faster and more efficiently, almost like using a desktop media player. Let's see which YouTube buttons are available while watching a video from the service.

Note: As mentioned above, the hotkeys listed below can be used while playing a video.

The list of YouTube keyboard shortcuts you need to know.

Playback Hotkeys

Space ή k for play / pause
> (Shift +. Key) - plays the clip faster
<(Shift +, key) - plays the clip slower

f - fullscreen and to roll back the familiar ESC.

Rewind video

←: turn back 5 seconds
→: move forward 5 seconds
Ctrl + ← or j: 10 seconds behind
Ctrl + → ή l : 10 seconds ahead

0 ή home - go to the beginning of the video
1 - go to 10% of the video
2 - go to 20% of the video
3 - go to 30% of the video
4 - go to 40% of the video
5 - go to 50% of the video
6 - go to 60% of the video
7 - go to 70% of the video
8 - go to 80% of the video
9 - go to 90% of the video
End- go to the end of the video

Volume keys

- increases the volume level of 5%
- increases the volume of sound by 5%
M - mute
Navigation Buttons for Playlists

N - next video in the playlist
P - previous video in the playlist
Other useful hotkeys

/ - Focus on the page search box
Esc - Leave the search box / or the fullscreen
?- Displays the hotkeys help window

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