HP+ another reason not to buy HP printers

Is printer ink more expensive than gold? Original printer inks are undoubtedly very expensive and companies like HP or Epson make a lot of money. Printers, on the other hand, are often not that expensive.

So there are many who use third party inks as they are not that expensive and work just like the original ink.

hp plus

Printer manufacturers however use various means to get customers to buy their ink, for example releasing firmware updates for their printers that essentially lock third-party ink cartridges.

The HP+ Smart Printing System, or simply HP+, is Hewlett Packard's latest diabolical idea to get customers to buy their inks. It is a subscription system, which the company launched in 2020.

A new International Imaging Technology Council complaint against HP alleges that HP is using Dynamic Security and HP+ features in violation of the law that prohibits EPEAT-registered devices from preventing the "use of remanufactured cartridges." EPEAT is an eco-label managed by the World Electronics Council.

To receive someone the signal, “products must meet certain required criteria to be considered “EPEAT registered”.

HP+, as stated The Verge, prevents the use of third-party ink cartridges in HP printers for the lifetime of the printer. Customers who sign up for HP+ are falling into a trap from which they seem unable to escape.

HP is doing everything in its power to make the HP+ subscription deal as attractive as possible. Customers get an extended warranty for their printers and 6 months of free ink provided they sign up for HP+ within the first seven days of using the printer.

What customers may not read is the fine print that states: "Requires Internet connection, an HP account and use of genuine HP ink for the life of the printer."

No third-party ink vendor has been able to crack the new ink cartridge jam on HP+-enabled printers. Neither individual ink cartridges nor refilled genuine HP ink cartridges currently work in HP+ printers.

Although it is possible to cancel your HP+ subscription, cancellation does not restore the ability to use third-party ink in the printer. In the complaint, the International Council on Imaging Technology claims that customers have only one option to start using third-party ink again, and that is to buy a new printer.

If you want to buy a new printer try to look at products from other companies. Brother makes great printers for example. Switching from ink to laser can also be a good option.

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  1. Plataros
    I had hp Printer ink expensive. He broke a can of paint. I changed it as indicated. I contacted the headquarters and they told me "they don't support it, it's too old" I got it 9 months ago!
    Finally, with the help of my IT teacher at school, I "remembered" that I had an EPSON for 5 years, the one with refillable cans with 4 inks, the VERY CHEAP ones. Then, I realized, that even though I printed something different every day, it hadn't held a single piece of paper! I didn't even know it "opens" I thought it was a one piece model that doesn't open! It hasn't been needed once in 5 years! I took home one of the same series. Epson L3266. Fine! I also put in genuine inks after he ran out of his at €24. I could use €12. I didn't think the difference was big. I have printed hundreds of pages. Fine! I opened it once in the installation. Now I forgot. I don't know how it opens. We put paper and it prints. Nothing else. I also print from my mobile. All good! He has already GONE his money!

  2. I had very expensive HP MFP and threw it away due to lack of dealer support.
    A small plastic tooth had broken from the cap of one inkwell.
    The lid wouldn't close, nothing worked.
    It wouldn't even hold sellotape, it came off from the pressure of the spring.
    In general, they have a poor build quality, everything is fake.
    The dealership simply told me that there is no replacement part and the entire print mechanism needs to be replaced on order and was selling it while they make the whole machine new.
    They were basically telling you to throw it away and get another one.
    That's exactly what I did. I threw it away and got another machine.
    But not HP.

  3. If you don't want to get involved in adventures that often end up literally throwing your money in the trash, from my personal experience I recommend you, away from HP or Samsung brands. Especially when we talk about printers. Away.

  4. Everything above is correct. On the other hand, let's mention that the purchase of inks with the HP+ subscription has a final price per page significantly cheaper than the purchase of new original ink, and the quality of the original inks is much better. For professional users, the HP+ service is currently the best value for money in the inkjet all-in-one category.

  5. Last mentioned is the problem with non-genuine inks, but it doesn't say that the printer should have both black and color ink now. Also with the updates there is an impact on the print quality. My printer for example is under warranty but it doesn't print properly and hp has yet to answer me. Non-existent support

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