HP has quietly launched a new 8 inch tablet in 170 dollars

Η HP trying to come back dynamically to the devices market Android with devices low cost. After VoiceTab phablets, he launched a new tablet 7,85 inch bearing the name HP 8.


It has a cost of 170 dollars and display has more in common with it Slate 7 the last year's model of the company with the 7 inch screen, rather than the VoiceTab.

Its technical characteristics are satisfactory for its cost. Its screen has a resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels, it has Quad core processor ARM manufactured by the Chinese Allwinner, 1 GB RAM, 16GB Expansionable storage with microSD cards.

It also has stereo speakers, satisfactory 3.800 mAh battery which promises up to 7 hours of use and runs functional Android 4.2.2.

Its mood starts directly in the US.

Source: e-pcmag.gr

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