Ready the new HTTP / 2 after 16 years HTTP 1.1

Today, his next major release HTTP took a big step towards becoming a reality. The update has already been completed and is now moving towards official circulation.HTTP

According to his blog Mark Nottingham, chair of the IETF HTTP Working Group, the standard was completed today and is on its way to the RFC Draft to go through drafting editing before it is published as a template.

HTTP / 2 is the next major version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol protocol, signaling the biggest change from 1999 when HTTP 1.1 was issued.

The new standard brings several new features to key Web technologies, such as faster page loading, longer links, more early arrivals, and push server. HTTP / 2 uses the APIs themselves with HTTP, so developers will be familiar, but they also offer a host of new features that they can adopt.

A remarkable change is that HTTP requests will be scarce. The web community has often asked developers to avoid adding too many HTTP requests to their pages for optimization techniques. With HTTP / 2, there is a new multiplexing feature that will allow too many requests to be delivered at the same time, so the page load is not cumbersome.

The new HTTP standard was based on Google's SPDY protocol, which is currently used by some technologies to manipulate traffic and helps improve delay and security, ensuring faster page loading times. Google announced just a few days ago that it plans to turn to HTTP / 2 in Chrome completely.

Developers wishing to try HTTP / 2 can do so today. More information is available at FAQ of HTTP / 2.

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