Huawei forecast for 2019: will go on sale to Apple

Huawei vs Apple: According to analysts of TrendForce, the global production volume of smartphones for 2019 is expected to decrease to 1,41 billion units, at best, ie a decrease of 3,3% compared to 2018.

If demand is worse than expected and the trade war between the US and China continues, this reduction could reach 5%. Of course as with most changes, where there are losers, there will be winners.

Samsung is expected to maintain its title as the largest smartphone maker in the world, but there will be intense competition and a very saturated market (on all low-, middle- and high-end devices), which justifies the expected reduction above.


But what is really interesting is to see the fight for the second and third place in the world ranking of the smartphone market.
Here Huawei has the opportunity to overtake Apple. According to TrendForce analysts, Huawei will not only maintain its position in the Chinese smartphone market in 2019, but will also expand into emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, Brazil and South America.

However, analysts say Huawei is vulnerable to the weakened Chinese market.

As for Apple, in 2019 sales are expected to weaken, as there are fears of high pricing that will come as a result of the trade war between the US and China. Of course there is always the threat of a Chinese market, which is under pressure from the sales ban on some iPhone models but also the very high price of the new iPhones.


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