Huawei laptops are available again in the Microsoft store

The της Huawei πωλούνται και πάλι στο Microsoft store, μετά την απόσυρσή τους τον Μάιο.

Microsoft 's decision to remove all appliances from the "shelves" of Huawei emerged when the President of the USA Trump has banned the Chinese company from working with US companies.


The ban, of course, includes Windows, the operating system that powers Huawei laptops available in the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft initially said nothing about the ban and its decision to withdraw the Chinese company's devices from its Store, but today said it was restoring the devices that are part of the existing inventory.

“Έχουμε αξιολογήσει και θα συνεχίσουμε να ανταποκρινόμαστε στις πολυάριθμες επιχειρηματικές, τεχνικές και κανονιστικές πολυπλοκότητες που απορρέουν από την πρόσφατη προσ της Ηuawei στη λίστα των οργανισμών του U.S. Department of Commerce,” Reported Microsoft spokesman in a statement to TheVerge.

"So we continue to sell the existing stock of Huawei devices in the Microsoft Store."

While Microsoft does not mention too many details on how it intends to manage them Huawei's in the future, but its wording clearly suggests that these devices will still be available on its Store while supplies last.

Once these devices are exhausted, Microsoft is likely to abandon Huawei products altogether in order to comply with government orders.

Under Trump's mandate, Huawei may continue to service and update devices already on the market, but on the other hand is not allowed to use technology developed by US companies to promote new products.

Of course, we are not talking only about laptops, but also , as Huawei is no longer allowed to use Android on its mobile devices.

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