Huawei accidentally leak for North Korea's 3G wireless network?

Huawei helped build North Korea's commercial 3G wireless network, according to internal documents leaked by a former company employee.

The documents were published today by The Washington Post and include previous orders, various contracts and exels, proving that Huawei has partnered with a Chinese state-owned company, Panda International Information Technology, to set up and maintain a commercial 3G wireless network in North Korea.


In this partnership, Huawei used the name Panda International Information Technology to send networking equipment to North Korea, which was then used to build the country's 3G network.

The former Huawei employee released the documents because "I considered the information to be in the public interest," according to WP.

In internal documents, Huawei refers to certain countries, such as North Korea, Iran and Syria, with codes for reasons of confidentiality. North Korea was listed as an "A9" in company documents.

Of course, Huawei stated that it does not have a "business presence" in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Huawei - which uses US components in its devices - may have violated US sanctions banning the sale of US components to North Korea.

North Korea is known to be subject to international sanctions for its nuclear regime but also for human rights violations.

The release of internal documents comes at a time when various Western countries are considering whether to ban Huawei equipment from their upcoming 5G projects.

Countries like the United Kingdom have not yet decided whether to exclude Huawei from 5G networks.

Of course the timing of the "leak" while there are discussions about its future Huawei in the United States, only by chance it does not seem to be. However, since the secret services are not used to confirming or denying such information, we may never know what really happened. 

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