Pictures of Huawei P10 spilled

See the upcoming Huawei P10: Huawei's P10 is the company's next big smartphone, which has already confirmed its presentation at an event to be held on February 26. While it is not yet clear whether Huawei announces two versions of P10, (along with a Plus model), two images showing the upcoming device have leaked.Huawei P10

The leaked photos are from Huawei P10's press renders and were first published by AndroidPure.

The images confirm the fact that the Huawei P10 will not have a fingerprint sensor on the back side and since the smartphone has a natural Home button, Huawei is likely to hide the fingerprint sensor under this button.

The installation of the dual camera with Leica lens and the dual-LED flash is located in the upper left corner of the phone. Thanks to these photos we know that customers will be able to choose between at least two color options: black and white.

Also, leaked photos are clear indications that Huawei plans to add a double convex screen to P10 and eventually P10 Plus if it is released.

Some other data we have learned over the past two weeks report that P10 will be equipped with the powerful Huawei Kirin 960 processor, and will feature 6GB RAM. The Chinese company is expected to dispose of many variants of F10, based on the storage space.

Although Huawei P10 will be announced late February at the Mobile World Congress, smartphones will not be available on the market before March or April. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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