Hyperion: The future of antivirus and cyber-security

The future of the programs antivirus/ cyber security may be the technology Hyperion, developed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory of the US Department of Energy.


"Hyperion" allows for rapid "recognition" of malware, even if the dangerous program has not been detected / identified in the past as a threat.

Hyperion analyzes and evaluates malicious software behaviors as he can "see" within an executable program to find out his "intentions" without using the source code or running the program in question, according to one from its creators, Stacy Pearl of Cyber ​​Warfare Research Team ORNL.

"These behaviors can be automatically checked for known malicious features as well as individual domain problems," he says. "This technology helps identify vulnerabilities and can reveal dangerous material before it comes into operation."

Hyperion, which has been developing for over a decade, provides increased and more extensive scanning capabilities than other cyber-security methods.

"This approach is better than signature detection, looking only for patterns from bytes. It's easy to hide it - they can break it into pieces and scatter it into the program so it does not look like a registered signature. "

R&K Cyber ​​Solutions, which obtained the license, is expected to make the technology available in January.

"Software behavior computation is an emerging science and technology that will have a significant impact on malware analysis and software assurance, "said Joseph Carter, chief executive officer of the company, adding that, unlike other methods, it does not only look at the surface, but in deeper functional patterns.

He adds that the analytical capabilities of this technology can be used in various cyber-security issues, including software security, lack of source code, hardware / software data exploitation, and so on.

Source: naftemporiki.gr


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