HYT H3 Switzerland's response to Apple Watch

HYT H3: All Apple videos of the "amazing" Apple Watch are trying to reveal the technical beauty of the device. HYT H3

They try to establish in the consumer subconscious that Apple has prevailed in the traditional watch industry, even in the way it presents its products. We will watch a video and then you have to think if it is true.

A new video presented by HYT, a luxury watch company from Switzerland, will introduce you to the upcoming H3. We will not mention anything about the device's design or capacity simply try to compare the video with an Apple Watch.

The video, as we mentioned before, presents it HYT H3, a hydro-mechanical clock that looks completely space-friendly. We are not sure if all the robotic functions in the video are also hydro-mechanical, but one thing is clear: the new H3 is badass.

Apple Watch does not seem to have killed the Swiss watch but rather inspired the industry to redefine its approach to device design.

Watch the video presented by Mashable

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