Hyundai fingerprints for unlocking and starting

Hyundai Motor has developed a system that allows drivers to unlock and start their cars using their fingerprints.

The system will be installed in Santa Fe 2019 to bring it to China in the first quarter of next year.

Yes drivers have to enter their fingerprints in the car before using the system.
There will be a fingerprint reader on the door handle that will send the encrypted data to the system and unlock the car.

Then there will also be a fingerprint reader in the car ignition button.Hyundai

According to the company, many drivers will be able to register their fingerprints, and depending on the fingerprint used, the car will automatically adjust the seat positions as well as the angle of the mirrors.

Hyundai will later add customized temperature, humidity and directional settings.

This is not the first time fingerprints are used to start cars, but Hyundai will be the first company to add technology to the door handles of the vehicle. This move is considered very difficult because of safety concerns.

Fingerprint readers on door handles should be resistant to sunlight, low winter temperatures and rain.

Hyundai reports that its method of adding fingerprint technology has an error rate in 50.000 unlock attempts.


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