Apple has influenced the shift of fashion to white cars?

In recent years, white color dominates the road and is one of the most prevalent (perhaps the most prevalent) colors for new cars. Previously, white paint was a color that was mainly used for household appliances or the linen of the bathroom and most of the time for commercial vehicles. Rarely someone chose to buy a white car and even more rarely a white computer or cell phone.


In today's times, however, there is a shift of fashion on white color. The metallic gray color that was used as the color for the cars was replaced by white, and that's why, according to BMW's carmaker Sandy McGill, Apple and Steve Jobs are responsible.

Within the automotive sector, different departments operate, which are exclusively engaged in the marketing of their car models, even those whose commercial value is larger and more difficult to sell. For example, there is a department that studies materials, colors, design according to the public's preferences, market requirements, trends and fashion. Sandy McGill is working in this area at BMW and says the main responsible for the white color predominance today is Apple and Steve Jobs.

After Apple's great success, white color prevailed, became a modern color and was highly appreciated. That's why the world's preferences changed, and taking into account the fact that the white color got brilliant and metallic color, it became in color for a new car with modern lines.

In conclusion, Apple has influenced and continues to influence the public's opinion and plays an important role in the trends of fashion, designs, colors. Pending its new innovation!

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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