The story of an iPhone so beautiful that was stolen twice


Never try to steal an iPhone wearing pink shoes. Although it does not sound important as information, it seems it was Brooklyn's Prospect Park, because these pink shoes helped capture someone.

A thief learned this in the hard way, having stolen an iPhone from a girl who stole it and eventually ended up arresting him and the other actor. A strange story that begins somewhat like this:

A girl walked in Prospect Park Brooklyn when a young man ran over her and grabbed the iPhone 4S holding her hands. Why it kept it in her hands, in a city like New York where it is the number one iPhone theft, is another issue.

The young man, having stolen the iPhone and now far away, thought it a good opportunity to sell it to make some quick money.

He found someone who was interested in Flatbush, but he asked the youngster if he could keep it for a while to see if Siri was working and generally if the cell phone was in good condition. The original thief, without thinking about it, gave it and was shocked when he saw the second start running with the stolen iPhone just stole it.

The young man immediately ran the police to report that they stole the iPhone and after a brief description the police managed to find and capture the second thief in record time.

And while police officers believed that the young person was the victim, it suddenly hit the cell phone, one of them answered and heard the girl saying that they had just stolen the cell phone he held in his hands and that he was looking to find it.

Finally, the police thought of a plan to find out who the iPhone really owned and arranged to find themselves with the girl. The girl immediately recognized the young thief, because of her pink shoes, and began to blame him and blame him for the theft of her device. The thief with the pink shoes played it stupid by saying that the iPhone is his own.

To determine who is the owner of the device, the police said that anyone who can unlock the iPhone by putting the SIM PIN will keep it. As you imagine, the girl unlocked her and took her device back, while the thief with the pink shoes received a pair of handcuffs.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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