The most minimalistic iPhone case you've ever seen


Could the above case be more minimalistic? Probably not. Because it is nothing more than a cleverly cut piece of leather and a rubber band.

The case is part of the Nothing Fancy series by Chieh designer and apparently is not available for sale yet. It does not matter, however, because if they grab your hands, all you need is a scissors, a piece of leather, a rubber band that fits in color and you make your trial.

In the above video, Chieh, apart from the iPhone case, also shows a wallet and coin case, all designed with the same philosophy. The iPhone case offers, in addition to its easiness to remove and put the iPhone and place for a card while being quite stylish and beautiful.

If you are interested and want to buy one when they become available, you can subscribe to Chieh's list by here and be notified when someone is released.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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