IBM Q System One is the first quantum in the box

IBM Q System One: IBM has presented the world's first quantum computing system to be available outside the CES 2019 research laboratory earlier this week.

Along with the new "in the box" quantum computing system, IBM launched the next era of computing.

The 20-qubit IBM Q System One represents the first major leap in 2019's quantum computers, but before we go over the techniques, let's look at a video:

To become the world's first complete quantum computer designed for non-business use, IBM has been helped by Goppion, a company responsible for styling major projects in quality museums such as Universal Design Studio and Map Project Office.

The result is not only (undoubtedly) a scientific first but also a stunning machine.

IBM Q System One

It is rather difficult to appreciate the importance of introducing quantum computers outside of labs. Some of the biggest hurdles in quantum computing have to do with engineering. It is not easy to operate the universe - or at least to observe it - and the machines that operate it usually require enormous infrastructure.

So in order to disconnect such a system from the workshops, IBM had to understand how it can produce an over-cooling (necessary for quantum computation) in the box. This was achieved with the new cryogenic engineering.

Those who are familiar with the history of the company may remember that, since the 1940 decade, IBM's classic computers have been catching an entire room. Ultimately, these systems began to shrink. Today we wear them on our wrists and have more computational power than all of the company's first computers.

IBM Q System One is not the most powerful quantum computer. He is not the most powerful of IBM. But it is the first one that could technically be installed in a customer's place.
It is currently accessible through the company's cloud "Q" initiative which offers quantum computing.

For more information on IBM Q System One, visit the IBM Q System One official webpage.


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