IFTTT: Call yourself and avoid a difficult encounter!

IFTTT: You have been invited to a meeting that will take a long time. You can not say no and you are forced to go. Inside you, you wish someone to call you for a good excuse. So you do not have to wait anymore!

If you don't have a friend who knows the situation, you can count on IFTTT, a very versatile automation application available for iPhone and Android.IFTTT

With IFTTT, you can easily create an applet with a call to yourself at the scheduled time of the boring meeting.

Please note that the IFTTT phone call service has been in place for a long time but only in the US. The latest version of the IFTTT application brings calls outside of the US.

Let's start.

Schedule an automated phone call to yourself

Create a free IFTTT account and activate it Date Time service and VoIP calling service.

Then create a new gadget and select the date for “this” or “this” mode. The trigger should be set to "Every day" and then select the time you want your phone to ring. If you want to receive multiple calls, you will need to create multiple gadgets, one application per call.

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For the action "that" select it VoIP calling service and specify any text message. The call service will read the message when you receive the call. That's it. Make sure your phone is connected to the Internet.

If you forgot to set up your scheduled phone call, IFTTT offers another great option that will help you get away from a difficult situation.

You can tap the IFTTT icon on your phone screen and simulate a phone call.


Install the IFTTT on your phone. Then create a new application as you did before, but set "this" to the IFTTT Button itself on your device. For the "that" action, select "Call my Phone" or "Call my Phone" and specify the text that will be read to you during the call.

That's it! Tap the phone icon, answer the call, kindly justify, and good way!

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