Murphy's Law and

Murphy's Law is in fact a series of rules that refer to the phrase "If something goes wrong, it will go.

We encountered something like this today at But let's mention some of Murphy's Laws and take the story from the beginning:

Nothing is as easy as it seems.
Everything takes more time than you think.
If from a number of things, one has the chance to go wrong, it will be what will cause the greatest damage.
If you know there are only 4 possible ways to get something wrong and take care of them, then a fifth will immediately appear.
Every solution raises a new problem.

Murphy's Law The Beginning: For quite some time now, one Plugin and specifically one SEO Plugin, presented us with a small css-problem. The graphical interface did not work properly in the back-end.Murphy

Because it was not something that caused a malfunction in the add-on, we had left it because whenever we caught it, it would fix it and it would break. The indivisible Plugin got an update a week ago, but the new version was unable to work.

We decided to call the most "expert" to tell us his opinion about the mysteries we encountered in Plugin developed. Yes we called him developer who wrote it Plugin na give us his lights.

We haven't heard from him for a week, although we "saw" him coming and going on the site. Today, however, and probably because it is Monday, he came in determined to fix it.

And he did it!

The Plugin it worked, dev went to bed, and the messages started coming in a row from Twitter and Facebook.

The website initially it displayed only background, then one post came back, and then they all came back but none opened… Let me not forget that it was impossible to change a page.

Also as fine print (for the end user) analytics did not display any titles, and page posts did not appear in Google News….

The solution:

We deleted every account we had created on Great duper dev, and we went through the database from the beginning, so because we had nothing better to do on Monday afternoon.

We hope everything stops here…


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