iGuRu Bitdefender Total Security 8 5 Device Licenses / 1 Year

The Bitdefender Greece in collaboration with iGuRu.gr offers you 8 free licenses of the security application Bitdefender Total Security 2018. Each of the licenses can work in parallel for 5 devices and will be updated free of charge for one (1) year.


Η εφαρμογή μαζί με όλα όσα ακολουθούν παρέχει πολλαπλά επίπεδα προστασίας από τα ransomware. Χρησιμοποιεί ανίχνευση συμπεριφοράς των απειλών για την πρόληψη μολύνσεων και προστατεύει τα σημαντικότερα σας έγγραφα από ransomware.

With Bitdefender Total Security 2018, you can stop worrying about losing your data or money and allow you to enjoy your life and your devices.

Bitdefender Total Security What the application offers

Windows Protection Surf, make purchases and banking safely on Windows
Smart Automatic protection. It stops all of them threats.
Advanced Threat Defense NEO New behavior-based technology detects and blocks advanced threats and ransomware
Bitdefender VPN NEW Stop worrying about privacy while browsing the .
Free Online Support 24 / 7
Safe Browsing Our web filtering technology ensures that you will never find yourself on a risky website
Wi-Fi Security Advisor Evaluate the security of your Wi-Fi network and router, no matter where you are connecting.
Protection of Banking Transactions. Bank and shop with Safepay – our only exclusive s that secures your transactions.
Code Management Εξασφαλίστε τους ς πρόσβασής σας, τις πληροφορίες των πιστωτικών καρτών και άλλα ευαίσθητα δεδομένα σε ένα ψηφιακό θησαυροφυλάκιο για εύκολη πρόσβαση.

Search Advisor Find out if search results are safe before you even click on a link.
Antiphishing & Fraud Protection Prevents phishing or online scams when you buy, bank or simply browse.
Scan for Vulnerabilities
Scan for security holes and vulnerabilities with just one click.
Destroyer Files
It deletes a file for good and leaves no traces of it ever on your computer.
Webcam Protection NEW Does not allow unauthorized applications to access your webcam.

Firewall It blocks invasions and filters the traffic of your network.
Safe Files
Prevents unauthorized changes to your most important files. Available for Windows.
Parent Advisor
Online security on all platforms for your children. Available Windows client updates available.
Encrypt Files
Create encrypted, and password-protected vaults on your computer for your confidential and sensitive documents.
Efficiently for protection against loss and theft. Remote access.
Speed ​​up your devices Improves the speed and performance of your devices with OneClick Optimizer.
Mac OS protection
Absolute protection, designed for your Mac.
Android Protection
Award-winning security for your Android phone or tablet.
IOS protection
Protect your data and keep your iPhone secure.
Continuous updates: Continuous updates speed up the introduction of new features and simplify it , updating, and upgrading Bitdefender security.

Take part in the contest (It starts 30.3.2018 on 12: 00 AM and ends on Easter Monday at 12: 00 AM also.

Contest by Rewards Fuel.

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