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iGuRu.gr Group Forum: After a group poll on the Facebook page, if you are interested in creating a support forum from iGuRu.gr, we decided to create one.


We preferred the Google Groups platform. You can see the new forum on the page https://iguru.gr/forum or the original URL: https://groups.google.com

The new site's goal is a more direct contact of the site with you, but also for you with you.

Interests are common (we believe): Technology, software, operating system, activism, opinions, Linux, reviews and whatever else you put on the table…

Invite your friends and start writing that you care about.

So we welcome you to the new iGuRu.gr site, which aims purely at your support.

You can try to sign up, although we have not done the necessary tests. In case you can not access, we will need your email to send an invitation.

It would be good to start, if you find something that does not work, report it in the comments of this publication.

According to the management panel, we have left access for posts by everyone, even without registration.
Posts made without registration should be approved by an administrator or moderator.


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