Why iGuRu.gr chooses a sleek look?

Have you ever wondered why at have we removed all the unnecessary from our home page? We could easily load it with banners, ads, sliders and that attract attention for more clicks and revenue.

We simply choose for many reasons. First of all, we consider that content is more important than appearance, that is, the opposite of the narcissistic "appearance is more important than it is."tailored

Second reason the speed: If you did not know to let us know that iGuRu.gr is currently the fastest Greek news site.

For true reason, you can test yourself on different sites and yourself on the website GTMetrix.com.iguru-gt

The 0.7s in Page Load Time, 100% in PageSpeed ​​index as well as 97% in YSlow, which you see in the image we publish is the result of hard work and many lines of code, in addition to the appropriate that we use in WordPress.

Of course, speed also serves SEO of the machines page . A slow site will never be able to rank well in search engine results.

It should be mentioned here that a "heavily loaded" site does keep some of the readers more time in search of an interesting post (something that is good for the rank of the website) but it tires the reader.

The hundreds of photos and titles confuse and tire the reader.

So by thinking that the reader is much more important than the revenue of a loaded original with google ads, and from a tiring page, we decided to remove all the unnecessary features, while ensuring that the appearance is not affected too much.

The last word of course has our readers and visitors…


iGuRu.gr The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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Written by Dimitris

Dimitris hates on Mondays .....

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