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Dear readers & friends, we would like to share with you an idea that has been nailed to us for a long time: The merger of two technology blogs that deal with security and from time to time work together anyway: Of course we are talking about and

The purpose of the idea to be unveiled before its actual implementation is to gather views on the practical aspects of the project or any objections that may be expressed. We believe that your opinion counts as you will be the ultimate recipient of each manager's move, and let's not forget that you have been supporting us for so many years.secnrws

Before we hear your comments and comments, however, we would like to let you know the reasons that have led us to this idea.

Specifically, as we are the two unique sites in Greece dealing with security, we felt good to work together to improve our work and to inform you even more accurately and in a timely manner about news that concerns you and your safety. This also implies our activity on the various social networks, which will grow to cover your concerns more closely.

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In addition, as the writing team grows, you will be able to visit a single site for your information, as the number of our daily articles will grow visibly and will be of varying content.

You can also see this collaboration as a great opportunity to develop the security sector in Greece as well. This means more events and more events with security-related speakers, more live hacking scenarios and of course more knowledge about the subject for all of you. Do not forget that you are our driving force and that without your support we would not have done the same until now!

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Finally, because your opinion counts for us, see this article as an opportunity to hear and share your opinion with other readers in the comments area. Through the debate, we are getting better and we can also improve ourselves - we can fix some of the pieces that your concerns can possibly focus on our cooperation. We expect ...

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