iGuRu MX Linux 19.1 x64 custom leave Windows

The developers of the MX Linux distribution have been released today version 19.1. Of course as with every new version of the distribution, the a custom iso is released that aims to make your life easier. The new version supports the installation of Linux Kernel 5.4, but will not install it by default.

The ISO that you will find below, along with all the other plugins, also has the Linux Kernel 5.4 which will be installed by default on your system.

A few words about MX Linux

MX Linux, a stable based Linux distribution , and as you may know, it is one of the distributions that we recommend for everyone, experienced or novice users. The distribution came from a collaboration between its communities antiX and MEPIS Linux that has ceased to grow.

It uses Xfce as the default desktop, and is an operating system that combines an elegant and efficient desktop with simple settings, high stability, stable performance and minimal footprint.

In short, it's a fairly light distribution that does not sacrifice quality.

The distribution offers a that allows snapshot ISO.

What is this;

Add your operating system along with all of its settings to an ISO image that can be transferred to a DVD or USB drive to reinstall this system!
Yes, another kind of backup.

For those who did not try the distribution, there is a custom ISO below, from the system I use.

It contains several pre-installed applications but also different DEs (KDE, Xfce) so you don't have to worry about formatting a new installation.

In the additional applications I should mention the latest Google , Opera, Brave, Filezilla, Firefox (64), Pinta, qBittorrent, Nvidia drivers, MX codecs and much more so that the distribution works flawlessly and with many additional applications immediately after installation.

Other basics :

The system is fully updated with the latest packages in the distribution repositories, and ISO can also be used as Live ISO.

Let me mention that the official ISO is at 1GB, while the custom I uploaded to Google Drive reaches 4,0 GiB (4.245.684.224)

MX Linux

ISO and md5 for file verification come as a .zip package.

Live ISO screen:

MX Linux

Contains additional files without personal settings and my accounts have been removed for obvious reasons. So after installation with a few clicks you will be able to have a ready system with pre-installed almost everything you need.

As you can see in the image below, ISO will install Linux Kernel 5.4 by default for better support for new hardware.

Download MX Linux:

MX Linux Custom iGuRu.gr ISO


Login screen name / pass

iguru / iguru

root / iguru

To install, do from the ISO, open a terminal and issue the su command.

You will be asked for the root password. Type iguru and press Enter.

Then enter the minstall command, press Enter and the installation will begin.

To avoid many post-installation settings, where the installer reports re-use home, select this setting.

After installation you can add users from the KDE or Xfce graphical interface.

Αν θέλετε το αυθεντικό αρχείο μπορείτε να το κατεβάστε από την επίσημη of distribution:



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  1. is one of my favorites from the day you posted it i loved it, even live in stick I have it with encryption I have a problem but I thought it was the fault of mx but it did it myself in linux mint I go through everything normally like every time and it happens hence when i enter windows the window appears and it remains bone I did a lot of actions they all failed until easybcd I tried I have no idea what else to do on another laptop I had no problem only in this I have it I have pavilion dv6 mono sta windows I have the issue lin runs normally

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