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Maintaining a website requires appetite and man-hours not to mention costs. WordPress is supposed to be a platform that offers everything ready, but it is not exactly like that.

If you choose to host WordPress yourself and do not use the free platform WordPress.com things are not so simple.

It takes unlimited hours to work with the server, WordPress software, plugins, DNS, security, updates, custom changes, custom plugins, and of course they all cost money.

At iGuRu.gr we did not choose a managed server because we consider the prices for the product they offer to be excessive. Let the clicks count. For example, a managed hosting plan from Kinsta that would serve the iGuRu.gr audience costs $ 200 a month.

No thanks

So at the moment the page is hosted on a Dedicated VPS with 16 vCore and 64GB RAM. The server is in Europe for the better TTFB in GREECE.

We use Cloudflare DNS and caching.

Lately all the images of the website are served by a bucket of it Digital ocean with CDN from BunnyCDN.

BunnyCDN, in addition to serving the images, has also undertaken their optimization for display on the Web, as well as their conversion to webp.

Her bucket Digital ocean in addition to hosting all the images of the site, it also serves all the css / js used by WordPress and Theme.

So while the site at one time exceeded 8GB now it is at 279MB.

Almost all domains (iguru.blog, iguru.cloud, iguru.dev, iguru.news, rss.tips, wpress.gr) that we have for our own use lead to the central iguru.gr.

We have also started to transfer as many domains as possible to Cloudflare, as the prices it offers are out of competition. But we are waiting because at the moment Cloudflare does not support all the extensions.

Finally, as we mentioned in a previous post we flew the Yoast SEO plugin because the devs seem to have completely lost it.

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