IGuRu.gr throws Subscribers and closes Signup

iGuRu.gr: The recent implementation of the GDPR in Europe, all companies operating in Greece will have to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation.

The General Data Protection Regulation requires new tools and procedures aimed at the most effective protection of personal data, and sets as a control and auxiliary body the Personal Data Protection Authority (DPA).I'm sure

So doing a "mapping" of personal data collected by iGuRu.gr (data mapping) we found that we have:

  • Name (not necessary as nicknames are used and we do not cross information)
  • Email address from the comments [*], and the newsletter
  • Location Information from Google Analytics and Adsense [**]
  • and the IP address from the feedback form.

However, because we use Google Analytics, we list the settings we use below.

So because we now have to ensure consistent and transparent compliance with the GDPR we thought that the less data we keep on the site the better. As a result, we decided to delete the list of subscribers that the website has, contrary to the regulations set by SEO and marketing (for anyone who understands what this means).

We also removed social plugins that recorded and saved total clicks (like, share) from social networks.

So from today the data that iGuRu.gr will collect will be:

  • Optional name and email for comments, as long as you can make your comment using whatever name and email you want (even a non-existent one).
  • IP address from the comments that if you wish can be completely anonymous (see above, or using VPN, TOR, or proxy)
  • Location information from Google Analytics and Adsense [**]

[*] In the comments, anyone who wishes may not use a real email

[**] Location information is not stored on the servers of iGuRu.gr

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