iGuRu.gr 20's top 2018 publications

iGuRu.gr: 2018 is coming to an end. The ending year finds us (again) on a PC trying to "smell" the interests of the Technology community. We believe that in 2018 we did not deviate from our goal:

Technology news fast, with very rare posts on mobile (those interested in good SEO not to try it), contests, a look beyond glitter and name (see Microsoft we tore it up again this year) and all with passion and madness…

All of the above and the following have happened along with an endless deal on the WordPress code, the CMS we use on iGuRu.gr.


Below you will find some of the publications you most interested in 2018. These publications had the most visits during the year.

Thank you for your preference, your comments and your comments that help us get better. The best is coming or at least trying.

iGuRu.gr Top 20 posts for 2018

  1. Subs4free block: the answer and alternative links
  2. VPN free and reliable services for everyone
  3. Windows & Linux: full access to the Windows disk
  4. 6 best sites to learn hacking
  5. The best online tools to learn everything about a website
  6. Ethical Hacking 29 ebooks free for everyone
  7. Port Scan: What I Need to Know and Why
  8. How Blockchain Works Guide for Beginners
  9. Microsoft: Do not click on Check for Updates
  10. Office 2019 released for Windows 10 (ISO & installation keys)
  11. Rowhammer an incredible assault for a few
  12. Windows Disable unnecessary services
  13. 5 Ways to Increase Internet Speed ​​Through the Command Line
  14. Network latency: 8 best tools to measure network latency
  15. New Gmail: Where did my contacts go?
  16. Easily remove Bloatware from Windows 10
  17. Windows 10: Faster systems with an asterisk
  18. Secure your Wi-Fi: Measures and countermeasures for everyone
  19. Subs4free block what does DNS blocking mean
  20. Windows 10: B, C & D. Updates Beware of Check for Updates

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