IKB: Smart keyboard that is cleaned on itself and recognizes the user

IKB: Perhaps the only thing that does not do is to type the user's own texts instead of it: the reason for the "smart" keyboard developed by researchers, which is self-cleaning, self-powered energy and can "recognize" the user from the way he is typing.


According to a PhysOrg post, the device, which was presented to ACS Nano, could prevent unauthorized users from gaining direct access to computers.

Professor Zong Lin Wang (Georgia Tech) and his colleagues point out that password protection is perhaps the most common way one can control who has access to one's computer. However, as evidenced by cyber-attacks and hacking cases that regularly see the light of day, the codes themselves are now vulnerable, so the goal is to find a safe, economical and user-friendly way to protect one's computer.

The researchers developed a "smart" keyboard that can "grasp" typing patterns, including keystroke and speed, distinguishing one user from the other. Even if someone knows the code, they can not access the computer as they type differently. Also, the keyboard collects the action resulting from typing to feed the same, or some other small device. At the same time, its special coating removes dust and dirt in general.

As stated in the research abstract, the "smart keyboard" (IKB - Intelligent Keyboard) can potentially be used not only in energy self-powered electronic devices and in the field of cybersecurity and device security, but also in areas such as Artificial Intelligence.

Source: naftemporiki.gr


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