17.000 $ the highest value for the upcoming iMac Pro

Apple announced at WWDC that it will release an iMac Pro later this year, but it only revealed the starting price, stating that the most affordable will be $4.999.

Η promised to offer more information on the configuration settings that will raise the price even more later this year, and promised to equip the iMac Pro with the best possible hardware on the market.

ZDNet appreciated how much the iMac Pro will cost and the result is incredible.iMac Pro

First of all, the processor. Although no information has been given on the CPU to be used by Apple, the company is likely to use an 8-core Intel chip for the original model, priced at $ 419 per chip. The more expensive iMac Pro model will most likely come with an 18-core Xeon processor and an estimated processor price of $ 2.282, not to mention Apple's overpricing.

Cupertino usually adds another 75% to the regular price of the parts, so only the processor could cost no less than 4.000 dollars.

As far as RAM is concerned, if the basic model came with 32GB RAM, the final price in the expensive model could reach 2.700 dollars if it comes with 128GB RAM.

Storage Now: A teardown by iFixIt found that Apple used one M.2 flash SSD on MacBook Pro. Boosting the capacity to 4TB and adding the Cupertino prices we have the incredible price of $3.600.

And last but not least, the graphics card, which is expected to be the Pro Vega. Although this card is not yet available, a comparison with NVIDIA's GTX Titan X along with Apple's overpricing brings the final cost to around $2.000.

This means that a high-specification iMac Pro could not cost more than 17.299 dollars.

The iMac Pro will be a direct rival to its Surface Studio , an all-in- PC that was announced in the fall of last year and also comes with a pretty high price tag.

But Surface Studio is still much more affordable than the maxed out iMac Pro. Microsoft's all-in-one configuration costs 4.199 dollars and comes with an Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB RAM, Rapid Hybrid Drive 2TB storage, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M graphics card with 4GB.

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