ImagetoCartoon: Free photo to cartoon conversion

ImagetoCartoon is a free web application for converting your photo into a cartoon. All you have to do is upload a clear image of yourself and the software will create some cartoons for you to choose from.


ImagetoCartoon is very simple to use. All you have to do to create your cartoon is upload your image. This web application is supported by AI, which does all the work of converting your image into an animated avatar.

Provided you upload a clear photo of your face. The tool will make the face cartoon and adapt it to different bodies and subjects. The produced image can be downloaded in normal quality and in HD in PNG format.

The use is very simple. Enter the home page from here, Click on
"Upload an Image" browse your computer to find your photo and upload it. Then just wait to see the results.

Note that the image should be in JPG, PNG or JPEG format and below the resolution 5000 * 5000 px. If the image was not good or the face was not visible in the image, then the tool will display an error alert. You have a limit of 10 photos per week, but obviously if you change the ip the meter will count from the beginning.

In the original image you will see some results from a photo of the actor Bruce Willis that we found on the internet and tried it.

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