EL / LAC Cooperation Days & Entrepreneurship

Within the framework of the action “EL / LAC & Entrepreneurship” each month two events are planned, a mid-month technique and an open event at the end of each month.


The Free Software Company / Open Source Software, in the framework of its actions for the cooperation of all entities that have a direct or indirect role in the dissemination, development and use of EL / LAC in Greece, wishes to bring together companies that provide open-source applications or services with companies and users.

To be informed about all activities under this action, subscribe to this mail list.

If your company provides you with Open Source Services, you can enter the key elements of your profile in WIKI on the page »List of companies providing EL / LAC services.



Document Management Systems

Conference Announcement

  • Omeka - Giorgos Karamanolis pdf
  • AlFresco - Nikos Lykouropoulos (Cyberstream) pdf
  • OpenKM - Stavros Vaitsis (UIT) pdf

Open Source & Open Content Licenses

Conference Announcement

  • Application development and software licenses - Grigoris Chomatas (Astroboa)
  • Creative Commons licenses in practice - Kostas Antonakoglou (Musician)
  • Open Source Software, Content and Data Licenses in Action - Prodromos Tsiavos (Avgerinos & Partners Law Firm)

Money Show Thessaloniki

Open Software and Entrepreneurship

  • Free Software in Businesses - Panayiotis Kranidiotis (IT & C) pdf
  • Virtualization - Panayiotis Karamberis (Nireas) pdf
  • Attempting in Times of Crisis with Open Software - Stefanos Kuzov | pdf

ELearning Platforms

Conference Announcement

  • eFront: The business model behind an open source LMS - Christopher Pappas (Vtrip) | pdf
  • Open eClass - Open E-Learning Platform - Costas Tsimbanis & Telemachos Tailor (GUnet) | pdf
  • GAC Corporate Academy: A case study - Anna Krassa (Gac Academy, moodle.org) pdf

Open Source GIS

Conference Announcement

  • EL / LOC Geo-Informatics Tools for the Development of a New Public Sector and Private Sector Development Strategy in Greece - Geospatial Enabling Technologiew | pdf
  • Using Open Source Technologies to Implement WebGIS Application of Electronic Urban Planning - Andronopoulos Alexandros (Polis Logic) | pdf

Open Software Telephony

Conference Announcement

  • Business Model with asterisk - Sarandos Sarantopoulos (EVOIP Networks) pdf
  • Case study, clickdelivery.gr: Automation of procedures using asterisk - Achilleas Kotsis (Exponent Technologies) | pdf
  • Small Business and asterisk and large scale setup for asterisk - Harris Karonis (Realize) pdf

Open-Source Banking

Conference Announcement

  • Data and reporting with JasperReports and Talend - Yannis Koutros (Proton Bank) pdf
  • Asterisk - Giorgos Blatthras (Proton Bank) pdf
  • Data mining - Prof. Michalis Vazirgiannis (University of Athens) | pdf

Open-Source ERP

Conference Announcement

  • OpenERP - Panagiotis Kontaxis (PC-Systems) | pdf
  • PytheusERP - Giannis Prossios (Snigel) pdf

OpenOffice Migration

Conference Announcement

  • Using Open Source Workplace Applications (Nerius) pdf
  • Jump From Ms-Office to OpenOffice (Nireus) pdf
  • OpenOffice vs. Ms-Office (Olympic Catering) | pdf



Document Management Systems

  • OpenKM - [Michalis Moudrakis (UIT)] - pdf
  • Astroboa - [Savvas Triantafyllou (BETA Concept)]

Learning Management Systems

  • Getting acquainted with the eFront Learning Distance Learning Platform: Features and Technological Features - [Athanasios Papagellis (Vtrip)] - pdf
  • Technical presentation of the Open eClass platform - [A. Kyritsis, I. Ekdadrides, K. Tsimbanis (GUnet)] - pdf


  • The GET SDI Portal - [Th. Vakkas, A. Mitrou, Geospatial Enabling Technologiew] - pdf
  • Practical use of Open Source GIS and Virtualization infrastructure for the development and operation of geodata.gov.gr - [Thodoris Soltiotes (IPSYP / EC Athena)] - pdf


  • Bonita - [Katerina Bagouli, Polyxeni Nakou, Tilemachos Manolatos (Knowledge)] - pdf
  • Intalio Example - [Antonis Apostolakis (IST)] - zip

Open Software Telephony

In this lab there was a description of Installation and Capabilities of the ASTERISK Call Center in a Portable Computer, the workshop was held within the framework of the conference "ELLAK 2011"


  • Introduction - video
  • Multi-source data and reporting with JasperReports and Talend - Yannis Koutros (Proton Bank) | pdf - video
  • Asterisk is not a call center! Giorgos Blatthras (Proton Bank) pdf - video
  • Data Mining Pentaho / Weka - Ioannis Aggelis (Eurobank) pdf - video
  • Automatic Advertising Campaign Development - Matina Thomaidou (University of Athens) pdf - video


  • Introduction to OpenErp - Panos Christeas (OpenErp SA) pdf - video
  • Features of OpenErp - Panagiotis Kontaxis (PC Systems) pdf - video
  • Questions & Answers video


  • Virtualization Roadmap - Panayiotis Karamberis (Nireus) pdf
  • EL / LAC & Virtualization - Christos Psaltis (Unweb.me) | pdf
  • Technical presentation of openview virtualisation solution - Kostas Droggos pdf
  • Virtualization and Quantification of Energy Efficiency with e-vigr - Alexandros Soumplis, Panagiotis Stathopoulos (National Documentation Center) | Prezi Presentation


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