Infirmary Integrated: free defibrillator simulator for medical students and beyond

Infirmary Integrated is a free defibrillator simulation software. It is a useful software for medical students to see how a defibrillator works.

infirmary integrated

Infirmary Integrated shows you an electrocardiograph monitor where you can see the heart rate before and after an electric shock of a certain intensity is applied.

You can choose the electric shock energy and then apply it and see the heart rate increase on the screen.

The heart rate changes as you deliver electricity by pressing the Shock button. This way, you can understand how defibrillation works. In addition, when you adjust the initial heart rate to normal, then it advises that shock therapy is not required. With the help of this simulator, you will understand when not to defibrillate a patient.

This software offers 2 functions. You can use it as a defibrillator or as a pacemaker. In defibrillation mode, it will show a high electrical charge that you can apply to the patient, while in pacemaker mode it will show a low electrical current below the screen.

Not only that, but you can customize the main screen to display other parameters like blood pressure, electrocardiogram, respiratory rate, etc.

Infirmary Integrated is also an open source software. Could you download from here and install it or simply download the portable version that does not need installation. The program runs on Windows, Linux and Mac computers.

If you are interested in its source code, you can check out his GitHub page. If you are a medical student you will quickly realize that it doesn't just do a defibrillator simulation, it has other simulations and tools.

It has light and dark mode. Additionally you can modify the defibrillator's main screen to display the statistics you want.

In conclusion:
If you want to understand how defibrillation works in real life without using a real defibrillator and a real victim, this software is here to help.

If you are a simple rescuer or have even taken some CPR courses, you will surely enrich your knowledge with this software. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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