NASA Ingenuity needs software update before the flight test

Unbelievable and yet true. The helicopter Ingenuity of NASA located on Mars, needs a software update before the flight test!

We've heard it all, but sending a machine to an alien planet and having a good morning needs an upgrade, we think, goes beyond Windows. The team behind it NASA's Ingenuity helicopter, appears to be experiencing a "command sequence issue" with flight control software.

After examining the data in a previous test on Earth, her team NASA made a flight plan to prepare her to fly her helicopter to Mars. While the flight test schedule was set, the team modifies and reinstalls the copter flight control software to address a "command sequence issue" !!.

On the other hand, we have all more or less made mistakes in one or two software installations in our lives, why not the NASA; Logically, the team will test the new software here first, on Earth, and then upload it wirelessly over a distance of more than 225 million kilometers, to the first vehicle to attempt a motor flight to another planet. We hope to set a date for more tests next week.

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