InLoco and COVID-19 comes monitored by Law

Do you know InLoco? The Brazilian authorities began to use a system developed for the geographical surveillance of the country's citizens.

Authorities hope that with the new system they will be able to better control the citizens and thus slow down the spread of COVID-19.



Η Brazilian startup InLoco is the company that develops this particular one γεωγραφικού εντοπισμού. Αρχικά χρησιμοποιούνταν από τους διαφημιστές και υποτίθεται ότι παρακολουθεί τον κόσμο με “ασφάλεια” συνεργαζόμενη με τους χρήστες χωρίς να συλλέγει προσωπικές πληροφορίες.

Users are geo-located via a map from a system that does not use GPS or beacons. InLoco claims this technology is 30 times more accurate than GPS.

Η startup εδρεύει στο Porto , ένα cluster καινοτομίας της στη βορειοανατολική πόλη Recife, από όπου η was released last weekend.

Announcing the new measures, the mayor of Recife officially announced that the city is monitoring at least 700.000 smartphones to check if the house arrest is being observed, as there are too many Brazilians, from vulnerable social groups, who have no choice but to continue working.

"We are monitoring the neighborhoods with collective data to find out if the restriction is being observed. "Cars with loudspeakers are circulating, and we are sending notifications via smartphone to communicate with the public," said Mayor Geraldo Júlio, along with 145 new measures to tackle the virus in the city.

As you understand from all the above, the monitoring and detection of offenders is the future that is coming to us.
Why not see similar technologies in Greece, if the current measures do not work as expected?
Such as Reported and Snowden "excessive effectiveness [of restrictions and surveillance] can also be a very serious threat to freedom."

To date, no one can dispute the severity of the pandemic, substantiating its view with scientific data. However, the restriction does not contribute to immunity, but to the decongestion of the health system, and to the silent waiting for a reliable treatment. until the vaccine is released.

Snowden stressed that the problem is temporary anyway and will eventually be solved with vaccines and herd immunity. What will be left are the monitoring technologies that if you read above "work with users and are safe". The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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