InnCable the computer inside an Ethernet cable

InnCable: H. InnSpire announced InnCable, which is basically an Android computer built into an Ethernet cable. Connect one end to an Ethernet port, the other to a TV, and have a smart TV.

As the device name suggests, InnCable is targeted at hotels. It has extremely easy settings, there is no need for a server room or specialized IT management. However, InnSpire co-founder and CEO, Martin Chevalley, says he has many other possible uses.
"It's essentially an Android Box, so it can be used everywhere, even for normal home use."InnCable

"We're going to start selling hotels, but we're already talking to B2C companies about making a consumer version."

The current InnCable system includes custom software with hotel applications, including information and sales services to customers. InnSpire expects other providers, such as telcos, to develop applications to promote their own services.

InnCable works better through Ethernet and Power Over Ethernet (POE) ports are ideal. It can also power the TV through the HDMI port, although not all TVs support it. If necessary, the system can work using an ordinary power supply and a Wi-Fi connection, though this is not so reliable. (The hotel's Wi-Fi systems may be overloaded, for example.)

InnSpire reports in its press release that InnCable is based on the same innovative technology that has won the Technology Innovation Award HTNG [Hospitality Technology Next Generation] 2014. Millions of hotel guests have enjoyed world class entertainment since then.

InnCable is another way of delivering the same InnSpire system.

InnCable has two USB ports and a serial port RJ-12. InnSpire has not yet provided details about the processor or device memory.

The device is presented at the HITEC conference in Toronto, Canada (June 26-29). HITEC refers to itself as the "largest hosting technology exhibition in the world".

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