NASA's Insight delivers its first clear photo of Mars

After yesterday successful landing The first clear image of the red planet came to us from NASA's Insight spacecraft.


The landing was successful. Insight's solar panels turned on and delivered electricity in its systems. The spaceship immediately sent some photos of the landing site transmitted through another visitor to Mars: the Odyssey orbiter.

Although it may take two to three months for all the spacecraft to fully develop, this picture came from Instrument Deployment Camera, which is mounted on a robotic arm.

So far, there are two other images available taken from the same camera that show just how much and dust kicked up on landing. While the images are exciting, NASA scientists are celebrating the full opening of the 7-foot solar panels as the most significant event yet, as they can provide up to 700 watts of electricity on a sunny day. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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